HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Program

With over 50 HIMSS Chapters across the United States, one of HIMSS many strengths is to connect HIMSS members with local, state and national decision-makers on key health IT issues. The HIMSS Chapter Advocacy program provides an opportunity for each HIMSS chapter to elect or appoint one or more members to serve in the Chapter Board level position of Chapter Advocate.

Collectively, HIMSS Chapter Advocates make up the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable (CAR). The CAR was established in 2004 to help build grassroots support at the Chapter level. Grassroots outreach is an essential part of an advocacy network. HIMSS seeks to establish strong, local advocacy networks that can be kept current as issues change. Chapters have identified advocacy leaders within their communities in an effort to educate and build "friends" among opinion leaders and lawmakers in their districts. Throughout the United States today, more than 60 HIMSS Chapter Advocates are engaged in planning and facilitating advocacy and public policy activities within their local chapters.